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Blended family drama

There is no drama like blended family drama! Do you have a story to tell?


Comments on: "Blended family drama" (3)

  1. Blended Family Drama begins when the husband and wife are divided within the household. Before issues can be resolve the couple must solve the greatest issue of all and that’s communication.

    Have you talk things over with your mate lately?

  2. My blog was specifically created to keep up with the soap-opera life that is my blended family. Specifically the exes and why they are exes, but also about learning about my step-kids and how we get along in life.

    • Thank you for visiting our site. We take soap opera drama and deal with real life daily drama. Not just the outside influences with exes, grandparents etc…. but also with the inside warfare. Continue to stop by even ask questions.

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