Building stronger bonds by sharing family values

Jesus was a true son, brother, friend and leader.  He was made like us in order to feel like us, deliver us but most importantly to redeem us.  (Matt 18:55-56)

He needed to do this in order to experience every situation, condition, and trial of man.

Jesus experienced the most humiliating experiences imaginable. He experienced…

• being born to an unwed mother (Mt.1:18-19).

• being born in the worst of conditions (Lk.2:7).

• being born to poor parents (Lk.2:24).

• having his life threatened as a baby (Mt.2:13f).

• being the cause of unimaginable sorrow (Mt.2:16f).

• having His father die during His youth (Mt.13:53-58).

• having to support His mother, brothers, and sisters (Mt.13:53-58).

• having no home, not even a place to lay His head (Mt.8:20; Lk.9:58).

• being hated and opposed by religionists (Mk.14:1-2).

• being charged with insanity (Mk.3:21).

• being charged with demon possession (Mk.3:22).

• being opposed by His own family (Mk.3:31-32).

• being rejected, hated, and opposed by listeners (Mt.13:53-58; Lk.4:28-29).

• being betrayed by a close friend (Mk.14:10-11, 18).

• being left alone, rejected, and forsaken by all of His friends (Mk.14:50).

It is so important the parents set the tone from day one within the family.


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