Building stronger bonds by sharing family values

1.  Early stage:

  • Fantasy (expect children to love new parent as much as they do)‏
  • Immersion (reality replaces fantasy)
  • Awareness of feelings

2.  Middle stages:

  • Mobilization (recognize difference, conflict more open, stepparent begins to take a stand and integrate them)‏
  • Action (reorganizes itself, creates new norms and family rituals)‏

3.  Later stage:

  • Contact ( members make intimate contact with each other and stepparent has individually created role)‏
  • Resoultion (solid family) “THE ACADEMY OF NURSING; Wendy Crapo”

As a new family one must take on a spirit of understanding and love.  Just because you and your mate are in agreement on this new relationship the fantasy ended for the children once you said I do.


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