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Forgive Me Not!

Are you holding onto unforgiveness? When you think about one being confined.  It has the same similarities of one being in prison for a crime or awaiting trial.  One of my children came to me and said thank you dad for teaching me how to forgive.  For its better to be at peace then to allow someone else to not only hold the key to your freedom but to also imprison you for something that was not in your control.

There are many people in society that will never accept our apology or forgiveness, just give it to God and move forward.  You are loved by many, special, gifted, unique, and most of all God has forgiven you.


Get Connected

Trust is the sum of hundreds of everyday experiences that affect our ability to connect. Each day we must reconnect with our mate by communicating effectively.   Anger, bitterness and frustration builds up when we withhold our true thoughts and feeling until we’re in a state of emotional condition critical.   During the state condition critical all rational thinking and communication has gone out the window.  Are you there right at this moment?   If so attempt to try couple of things:

1.  Remove yourself so you can refocus

2.  As you refocus, reflect on the root of the problem and come up with solutions to resolve them.

3.  After you have Removed yourself, Refocused, Reflected, came up with a Resolution, get Reconnected.

My the Lord bless you as you reconnect by faith through pray with your mate and family.

Courting your mate!

To woo your mate simple means: to seek favor, affection, courtship, love, and finally marriage.  Within a blended family we become so caught in our day to day roles until we stop taking time out for ourselves and our mate.  When was the last time you told your mate how nice they looked or even smiled.  Trust me there is someone out there complimenting and praising them on a regular bases. One of the greatest stress releases is to begin courting your mate all over again.   Stop coming up with excuses for why you can’t get away and just do it.
A departing thought!  Attempt to do something simple this week for your mate.  Example:  Right them a love note and place it in there pocket or where they my find it.  Thank them out to lunch.  Get rid of the kids for a few hours. Be spontaneous!   DAHG

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