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Get Connected

Trust is the sum of hundreds of everyday experiences that affect our ability to connect. Each day we must reconnect with our mate by communicating effectively.   Anger, bitterness and frustration builds up when we withhold our true thoughts and feeling until we’re in a state of emotional condition critical.   During the state condition critical all rational thinking and communication has gone out the window.  Are you there right at this moment?   If so attempt to try couple of things:

1.  Remove yourself so you can refocus

2.  As you refocus, reflect on the root of the problem and come up with solutions to resolve them.

3.  After you have Removed yourself, Refocused, Reflected, came up with a Resolution, get Reconnected.

My the Lord bless you as you reconnect by faith through pray with your mate and family.

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  1. So many families today are bednled with new marriages, children from previous marriages, and for the sake of the CHILDREN this book provides pivotal information to help parents and step-parents deal with the everyday problems that are most common and in need of resolution.This book covers areas such as: Mistakes are Opportunities to Learn as opposed to just go on making more mistakes that can ultimately but unknowingly hurt the children. Open and healthy communication with the natural parent of the children; Taking children out of the middle; treating the other parent with respect; Avoiding alienation; Don’t be a Disneyland Parent; Nonverbal communication; If the adults are creating conflict stop it! If the child is creating conflict Understand it! Even if you learn just one thing that will make a positive difference in the psychological health and self-esteem of the children, or learn a new method of positive discipline that will help your child overcome a negative pattern, this book is worth buying.This book is especially useful for families where there is a communication breakdown, either with the children, or either of the natural parents or step- parents. Highly Recommended!Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE and If God Was Like ManEditor, inspire! magazine

  2. Wow this is a very interesting tlciare. It makes a lot of sense to me, however I’m sure that you will have many people say it’s bunk. I am looking back at my own situation growing up. from the girls I grew up with and including the girls growing up today. It really does answer some questions.Thank you for the post it makes one think. ~

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