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Who Disciplines Which Kids?

Who Disciplines Which Kids? It is usually easier and more natural for the biological parent to discipline his or her own child/children. However, some couples do share responsibility for discipline. REMEMBER: each child is unique and will react to discipline in different ways, whether applied by the parent or step-parent.

Be kind and patient when applying discipline, but not indulgent. Set firm limits without anger or spite. Make sure to let the child know that he or she is valued, but misbehavior is not acceptable. Even in a nuclear family, children will test limits, so when a stepchild says, “You can’t tell me what do; you’re not my parent,” try to avoid an angry power struggle. State your position and stick to it, preferably with the support of your partner.

Only if I could tell them whats on my mind

Sleeping with the Enemy!

Sleeping with the enemy and waking up to realize there is to laws ruling in your househould.  Is your home a battledfield?
1.  isolate the source
2.  Begin to destory the roots of the source by retilling the land
3.  Pour out new soil
Proverbs 18:13 james 1:19 

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