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Dad’s Your Daughters Needs You!

Dads give guidance to their sons and moms guidance their daughters. But particularly as girls mature, they need their dads’ perspective as they approach significant crossroads. Daughters need the benefit of their dads’ life experiences and wisdom as they consider important life decisions and think through possible consequences of their choices.

Your daughter also needs to know that you cherish her as a person and you admire her as a lovely young woman. She isn’t just another person; she is special and unique, and worthy of your attention. She is royalty. Your love maybe what it takes for her not to fade into the shadows of darks wondering around looking for hope. She needs you to be a dad not a stranger perpetrating to be someone he’s not. 

Begin today by loving her with a simple phone call, taking her to lunch or better yet a hug. 



David A. Harris-Gavin

Addicted to being an Enabler

So why do family and friends continue to enable their loved ones in exchange for the name of love?  Is it the mask of fear, hopelessness, or just that true imbedded addiction that causes one to continue this endless roller coaster.

Their is hope!  Once you identify this great ill, the process of conquering it has just begun.  Begin today by becoming free from people who enjoy keeping you hostage and in bondage for the sake of love.

You can recover from this great addiction!!!!!!!!




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