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Family Drama

Every family has drama, how you deal with this dramatic experience will leave you one of several ways.  Depressed, anger, having negative thoughts, or maybe walking out.  Yes you may add to the list!  Point being, you’re not in this alone.  The stage has now been set, dad has had a bad day at work, same for mom at home, little Johnny or Jane at school and home is the battleground.

Here’s a thought:  Someone needs to take charge, will it be you or the kids?

If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent.  ~Bette Davis

Life is a TEST!

Life is a test, if life was not a test you would have all the answers!  That being said, I had to accept that I’m an imperfect person living in an imperfect world with outsiders attempting to place expectations upon me over and over again.  When you accept expectations from others over and over again the end result is stress.

We must also understand that sometime in life we are whiplashed with crises out of the blue like a flood that just stresses us out.  A study listed the top twelve most stressful crises that a marriage can experience:

1) Death of a child

2) Jail sentence

3) An unfaithful spouse

4) Major financial difficulty or bankruptcy

5) Business failure

6) Being fired

7) Miscarriage or stillbirth

8) Court appearance

9) Unwanted pregnancy

10) Major illness in the family — cancer or heart disease

11) Unemployed for over one month

12) Death of a close friend

The only way families have a chance to survive the storms of life that come against us is to have a God given foundation – which is the WORD and Prayer.  This may be your season to step back, refocus, and prepare for the next examine.  It’s only a test and it’s so good to know the one who holds the pencil with the eraser at the end of it.


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