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Storm Of Life 

Have you ever experience financial hardship, loss of a loved one, severe illness of a spouse, child, parent or self?  I call these events life storms that will come and go but you can find peace in the mist.  In my life over the past year, storms have been raging at hurricane levels but I have found peace and calmness by trusting in the Lord.    

A hurricane is a storm with cyclonic winds that exceed 74 m.p.h. Rain, thunder, and lightning usually accompany the winds. Hurricanes can be very fierce storms with relentless pounding winds that continue hour after hour. But a very fascinating thing about a hurricane is its “eye”—a place of perfect calm in its center. Though the winds blow and rage all around it, there are none in the eye.
So with us in the storms of life. With the Lord as our center, there is calm and peace, even in the darkest of life’s storms.

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