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Shake the Guilt Off

We will face numerous losses, disappointments and changes throughout our lives. The results are final such as: the death of a spouse, parent, child, marriage ending, or relationship. Endings are hard because they mean adjusting to the loss or change.

People tend to hold others hostage to there past.  Therefore, they give shoes of guilt to wear.  Its at this point that they will attempt to, “make you feel responsible or remorseful for what took place in your past”.

I did things out of habit instead of doing what I knew to be right during my first marriage.  I hurt my wife, children and myself.  I have shook off the guilt of my past by forgiving myself.

Just because you are in a blended family doesn’t mean you can’t live a happy, forgiven and prosperous life.  Just remember it begins with you.  You are forgiven and set free !!!!

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